Family Law

We have myriad experience in preparing settlements between husband and wife, separation agreements, divorce actions, matrimonial property actions, custody applications, maintenance and alimony actions.

Labor Law

Our practice in this area encompasses drafting of employment contracts, drafting of employment policies and rules for companies  based on the Labor Laws of  Belize and International Labor law, providing  legal opinions and advice on wide variety of labor issues, and legal representation in Labor disputes.


We have wide-ranging expertise in drafting contracts of all types whether it be for personal or business related matters. The contracts we draft reflect the overarching purpose and transaction involved but with all the requisite details and terms necessary to make the contract legally binding and enforceable.

Civil Litigation

When we take on any litigation for a client whether it be for tort matters, breach of contract, real property issues, probate issues, etc., we will first of all be upfront and truthful with our client about his/her case and prepare very well.

Real Property

We have a wealth of knowledge of the laws pertaining to real property and vast experience in representing and protecting the interest of Buyer or Seller as the case may be, in real estate transactions. We have vast experience in the preparation of agreements for sale tailored to the transaction; and in fact we are well versed in the preparation of legal documents required for various types of real estate transactions including transfers and conveyances, charges and mortgages, cautions, leases, application for title by prescription, application for first registration, application for strata titles,  etc.

Corporate and Commercial

We form companies of all types and we have vast experience in a variety of corporate transactions, including  but not limited to, sale of shares, shareholders agreements, liquidation and insolvency issues, and borrowing and debentures. We assist companies in the preparation of standard and more complex resolutions, minutes, amendments to corporate documents, and all legal documents necessary to assist with Corporate governance and compliance such as standard annual returns. Our profuse practice in this area of the law has provided us with understanding and familiarity  in dealing with the Belize Companies Registry.

Estates and Succession

We prepare and draft wills from the simple to the complex, providing sound advice on estate planning.  We apply our knowledge about the requirements of making of a will based on the Wills Act and accepted Common law practice, ensuring valid and enforceable will.

Our practice in this area entails both contentious and non-contentious probate matters.  We are well versed about the Probate Rules under the Supreme Court of Judicature Act and we prepare applications for Grants of Probate, Grants of Administration, Grants of Administration with will annexed,  Administration De Bonis Non, Administration Pendente lite,  etc. to assist the successors of  deceased and their personal representatives in administering the estate in an efficient manner.

Debt Collections

We do demand letters and follow through with Supreme Court action if necessary. We also prepare contracts to settle debt disputes, and do collections on behalf of clients.

Escrow Services

Our integrity and maxim of providing efficient and honest service makes us a trusted Escrow Service provider.

Welcome to the law firm of Samira Musa Pott & Co. (SMP & Co.)

Established in the year 2006, when lead attorney Samira Musa Pott, having been practicing with a private law firm since 1996, decided to open her own practice. Our boutique law firm prides itself in providing high-quality legal services to our clients.

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Best in Profession


Samira Musa Pott Attorney-at-Law, Trade Mark Agent, Notary Public

  • Admitted to the Belize Bar 1996.
  • Associate Attorney at law firm of Lois Young Barrow & Co. 1996-2006
  • Former Secretary of the Bar Association of Belize
  • Former member of the Board Directors of Young Men’s Christian Association
  • Former member of the Board of Directors of Hand in Hand Ministries
  • Former elected Councilor of St. George’s Caye Community Council
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